Sunmaster Partner Kit (15/Plt)

$2,900.00 $1,901.00
SKU: 901836

This is Special Order Promotional offer from Sunmaster® the Partnership Program Kit contains point-of-purchase display materials, as well as top-selling lamps from each Sunmaster® product family. The special offer has a product discount of 25% off the entire product basket. The kit includes (4) 1,000 watt, (2) 600 watt Full Nova lamps, (4) 1,000 watt, (2) 600 watt Cool lamps, (6) 1,000 watt, (2) 600 watt Super lamps and (4) 1,000 watt Finish lamps. Take a photo of your Sunmaster® display and submit it at to receive one of 3 lamps, a Double Ended 1000 watt SUPER, a 315 watt Ceramic FULL NOVA or a Double Ended 1000 watt COOL for FREE! Also get your store listed for Free on Sunmaster web site 'Where to Buy' section. First come, first serve per store based on available quantities. Registration is required within 30 days of sale to receive reward.

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